Thursday, January 19, 2012

Landscapes {oil on canvas}

 Two of the landscapes are from photos I took last summer near my sister's house in Germany. Germany has some of the most beautiful landscapes I have seen. The other painting was from a photo I borrowed from my instructor. Because Idaho is so cold in the winter we were unable to paint en plein air, French for in the open air, but luckily we had a nice stash of photographs to work from. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

charcoal of Christ

Here is a drawing that is both charcoal and oil paint on dark canson paper. It gives it a kind of neat realistic effect. I have been wanting to do a drawing of Christ for some time now, and finally last semester I found the time for it. He is so important to me.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

skippy is his name

I love squirrels, seriously, it is kind of ridiculous. My sister and I were always saving little squirrels that got hit or fell out of the tree when they were babies—we would name them, make them a little home (box) and enjoy every minute with our new little pets, until they would “mysteriously” disappear while we were at school. No doubt my mom and dad were terrified that we would get rabies or something. Anyway, I remember when it first dawned on me that this love for squirrels wasn't normal. It was when my mom was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend at the time (surprisingly husband now, despite this story) telling him about the 8 squirrels we saved and how we loved them so much and how we even prayed we would be able to get other squirrel pets. I was just picturing him talking to his guy friends…”Oh her, the squirrel girl? Nah, it just wasn’t there”. Needless to say I walked into the living room and was like, “lunch anyone?!”

So about the picture… I really enjoyed working with the scratchboard, even though it is really unforgiving. I guess it is just part of the fun of it. The way the light hits the scratches it makes the texture look almost like real fur. Another pet squirrel! My husband and I grew so fond of the little guy that we sat him on his own little chair, and constantly blamed him for eating all of our snacks.

he said she said

I am trying to remember, I think these were 40 sec. sketches. They were drawn on different days, but I thought it was kind of fun how well they went together ha ha. Coincidence? Most likely not. Just a common pose? Most likely yes. Anyway, I kind of feel like putting the little conversation bubbles over their heads for some reason. It reminds me of this photo I just took last week...
Doesn't it look like it could go on the cover of a low-budget chick flick? No? yeah, um, I don't think so either.

Monday, June 7, 2010

black and white painting

Here is a black and white acrylic painting that I did of my beautiful sister Crystallynn. Lets just say I had a LOT to work with, ha ha. I have never really set them side-by-side like this before, it is kind of fun.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

charcoal of artifact

This was actually a drawing I started (and have yet to finish) while I was at my parents house for a weekend a few months ago. This artifact was the reason we started taking so many trips to Mesoamerica to study archeology, so when I was looking for something to draw this came to mind. As soon as I finish it I will give it to my Mom.

tell me a story

I love this cast! Tell me this guy doesn't have a story, I mean he has got to be an old pirate-turned-sailor or somthing. Don't you think? If he were a human, and most of all pirate-turned-sailor, I would ask him to tell me a bedtime story...and I might have nightmares.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

charcoal of cast

Charcoal drawing of a cast focusing on hard and soft edges.

pen and ink still life

This still life was so much fun to draw. I probably had a little bit too much fun doing it, is that possible? This is my bathroom counter top...with a few artistic liberties. Main focus was to the details and the texture of each item in the picture.

light and shadow

 Focusing on light and shadow and how it hits the cast.