Wednesday, February 23, 2011

charcoal of Christ

Here is a drawing that is both charcoal and oil paint on dark canson paper. I have been wanting to do a drawing of Christ for some time now, and, finally, last semester I found the time to do it. He is so important to me.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

skippy is his name

I love squirrels, seriously, it is kind of ridiculous. My sister and I were always saving little squirrels that got hit or fell out of a tree—we would name them, make them a little home and enjoy every minute with our little pets, until they would “mysteriously” disappear while we were at school. Anyway, I remember when it first dawned on me that this love for squirrels wasn't normal. It was when my mom was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend at the time (surprisingly husband now, despite this story) telling him about the 8 squirrels we saved, our love for them, and how we even prayed we would be able to get other squirrel pets. I was just picturing him talking to his friends…”Oh her? The squirrel girl? Nah, it just wasn’t there.” Needless to say, I quickly walked into the room and was like, “lunch anyone?!”

So about the picture… I really enjoyed working with the scratchboard, even though it is unforgiving. The way the light hits the scratches it makes the texture look almost like real fur. Another pet squirrel! My husband and I grew so fond of the little guy that we sat him on his own little chair and constantly blamed him for eating all of our snacks.

he said she said

I am trying to remember, I think these were 40 sec. sketches.